The Workout Box

Everyone is different and should train the best way for their own body. I personally love to dance and would dance everyday if I could but this wouldn’t take me to my best level of fitness. I incorporate PBT, pilates and yoga into my weekly routine as cross training for my dancing. I have tried to cover some core types of cross training for dancers but these workouts can be used by anyone!


Core Strength

Core strength is the internal foundations of the body that allows dancers to control all movements. If you don’t have core strength you will struggle to execute ever simple movements and risk injury. Exercises and Workouts coming soon….


Leg strength is extremely important for dancers so incorporating these exercises into your weekly routine will help to improve your dancing. Exercises and workouts coming soon….


These exercises will help you to achieve nicely toned arms and can be combined with a leg, ab or cardio workout to achieve full body fitness. Exercises and workouts coming soon….


Everyone can benefit from daily stretching but you should always ensure you have suitably warmed up, try one of my fitness workouts before stretching. Exercises and workouts coming soon….

Pointe Work

For dancers already on pointe these exercises will help to progress your pointe work safely and for dancers looking to go en pointe in the future the strengthening workouts will help to prepare your feet. Exercises and workouts coming soon …


Ballet is one of the best forms of exercise as well as being a beautiful art form. These exercises range from basic to advanced so there is something for everyone. If you cannot attend a regular ballet class, just want to try out ballet or would like to increase your training these workouts will be … Continue reading Ballet